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Long Island Laser Aesthetics Site Map

Home: New York Laser Aesthetics provides laser hair removal services, soothing and deep cleaning facials, face sculpting treatments and anti-aging procedures for women and men in Long Island as well as New York City.

About Us: All of our hair removal and beautifications specialists are experienced as well as certified to provide the most effective methods of body hair removal and anti-aging treatments.

Contact Us: We are a complete laser hair removal and beautification treatment facility serving all of Long Island.
Our facilities are located in the heart of Long Island and is easily accessed from all 5 boroughs in New York City.

Laser Hair Removal: Our laser hair removal treatments will eliminate the daily shaving, plucking, and applying waxing and depilatory creams to removal unwanted body and facial hair with better results.

Facials Hair Removal: Our Laser facial hair removal is faster, easier and safer than other hair removal methods such as waxing or electrolysis.

Laser Hair Removal for Men: Our laser hair removal treatments will remove unwanted neckline hair, back hair, chest hair and unwanted facial hair to eliminate the daily saving routines and preventing that "five o clock shadow" for men.

Laser hair removal in Long Island / Manhasset, laser hair removal Nassau County Long Island Laser Aesthetics provides: Laser hair removal in Long Island / Manhasset, laser hair removal Nassau County.


Face Sculpting: Our revolutionary face sculpting treatments consists of sending safe and effective micro-current into the face.

Anti Aging Treatment: Our anti-aging is an FDA approved skin laxity treatment. Our anti-aging procedures will tighten loose or lax skin will make you look and feel much younger.

Laser Treatment Coupons: New York Laser & Aesthetics is proud to offer discounts on our laser hair removal services.

Our Testimonials: Read how our clients are happy with the effective and affordable laser hair removal treatments our beautification center provides for men and women in Long Island and New York City.

Equipment & Technology: The Epicare™ is equipped with a state of the art computer system which helps match up the client's skin with the appropriate settings.

Before & After Photos: We removal all unwanted body hair for clients living in the Long Island and New York City area with outstanding results.

Laser Treatment Guides: We encourage our clients who will receive our laser hair removal treatments to review these helpful guidelines that will save time and clarify any questions they might have about our beautification services

Laser Treatment FAQs: Laser hair removal is a faster and gentler way to remove unwanted hair with long lasting results. It applies precisely controlled pulses of energy, reaching deep into hair follicles that lie beneath the skin.

Laser Treatment Site Map: A list of laser hair removal and anti-aging treatment services we provide to our clients in Long Island.


To Inquire about our Lasers, feel free to call us at 516-627-7777

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Long Island Laser Aesthetics: Laser hair removal and beautification Site Map