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Painless Fat Removal Treatment ZERONA


We have exciting news to share with you. NY laser & aesthetics is now offering ZERONA Non-Invasive Body Slimming, Which has been clinically-proven to remove fat and reduce inches with: ZERO pain, ZERO surgery & ZERO downtime. Our patients, and people nationwide, are experiencing minimum 3 inches lost,& many are seeing even greater results after the completion of the ZERONA treatments  
ZERONA is surgery-free, pain-free & allow you to continue your normal routine w/o interruption. Its the perfect way for women & men to lose stubborn body fat from:  
Love handles
ZERONA has been featured on Rachel Ray, CBS, ABC & The Doctors and seen on Harper's Bazaar, Allure Magazine & Life &Style.  
We are excited to share ZERONA with you, and are offering FREE Consultation and a special price for 6 treatments!  
Call us today to setup an appointment at 516-627-7777  
Look better, Feel better, Be better... with ZERONA Live healthy!  


What Zerona is all about?

Zerona is a new advanced laser system that gives you the chance to remove your unwanted fat and decrease your body fat without surgery. The Zerona procedure is non – invasive which is a big concern for people not wanting to go under the knife. Zerona leaves you with no scars, no bruising, no pain, and no downtime but with a loss of inches from your waist, thighs and hips.

Zerona is just the first step to looking the way you want to, and for keeping off that unwanted fat. The Zerona system including Curva® will encourage you to keep the lost inches off.


How Zerona Works?

Zerona uses the Erchonia Laser Scanner (635 nm wavelength) which is a cold laser. The laser helps with the disintegration of fat and adipose tissue, which will then be removed from the body through the interstitial space. This space is empty and is found in the body between your cells. When the laser disintegrates this fat, it is removed with normal waste through the normal bodily functions. There is no increase in cholesterol or triglycerides in studies reviewed by the FDA.


The Zerona procedure breakdown

There was once a need to have surgery when a person wanted fat removed. That is still an option, (ie. abdominoplasty or liposuction) but with new breakthroughs, it is slowly becoming a thing of the past. That all changed in August 2010 when Zerona got FDA approved as a fat-loss and inch-loss laser treatment. The approval was for "long-term fat reduction." It is the first and only laser approved for long-term fat reduction. The main study performed without any weight reduction techniques only the Zerona resulted in a cumulative average loss of 3.64 inches from their waist, hips, and thighs.

If you would like to possibly lose up to a dress size, a few waist sizes, or have your clothing fit better then the first thing you should do is come in for a consultation. During the consultation, it will be determined if Zerona is indeed for you and then a procedure can be set up. For small bulges see us for Zeltiq treatment. For comparison between Zeltiq and Zerona see which procedure is right for you. Of course, we also perform the invasive procedures like liposuction and abdominoplasty.

When you come in for the treatment for Zerona, there is little need for prepping. Zerona breaks down your fat with nominal to no sensation removing the possibility of scarring, bruising, infection, pain, and other complaints that can come from surgery. The treatment lasts about an hour, and then you can go back immediately to your normal routine unlike surgery. If you are any other concerns regarding this procedure, feel free to contact our Zerona experts in one of our locations across Queens, Bergen County, NJ and Long Island, NY.


What results can you expect?

The results may vary person to person, but on average you can take off 3.64 inches in total circumference from your waistline, hips and thigh combined. Zerona is the only FDA approved for long lasting fat reduction. The results will only last if a person helps themselves by maintaining and watching their weight. Our doctors in our offices across Queens, Long Island, NY, Bergen County, NJ have seen great results, if maintained properly. This is true for any weight reduction procedure.


How am I affected afterward?

The Zerona treatment does not hinder you at all. Immediately after a procedure, you can go right back to your daily schedule. There is no scarring, or bruise marks, so no one has to know that a procedure was done. The only affect afterward is being a few inches thinner than when you originally came in. This is not a sculpting technique like Zeltiq or invasive liposuction or abdominoplasty.


Is Zerona safe?

Yes. Since its approval from the FDA in August of 2010, Zerona has proven to be a safe alternative to surgery. Zerona is also safe from surgical side effects such as bruising, scarring, swelling or possible damage being done to surrounding tissue.





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